Anyone live in/near Flushing?

This encouraging article front and center in the New York Times this morning, “Let the Meals Begin,” makes me smile – not only is it refreshing to see some positive coverage of China-related content in the American mainstream media (for its antithesis, check out “Before Guests Arrive, Beijing Hides Some Messes,” redeemed only by reader comments that remind the journalist to take a look at what other cities have done before hosting the Olympics), it’s also good to see that the old “pile of fried protein in cornstarch-thickened glop” is being phased out of Chinese food court stands. I particularly love the comment that “soy sauce is so American.”

If anyone lives in or near Flushing and would like to scope out some (or all!) of the mentioned eateries, I welcome you to leave me a comment on this post – happy to offer a guest blogger a place to post some reviews. Your review(s) would be listed under “yummy stuff” for future reference.

The same goes for anyone who has a restaurant review from their own haunts….

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