Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Did you know that eating spicy food can cool you down? That’s why in Sichuan, where the weather is HOT and STEAMY in the summer and the food is notoriously, numbingly spicy, you will find people hovering over “hot-pots” – a sort of Chinese version of fondue, where you can dip an assortment of ingredients into simmering broth (liberally spiced, of course) and cook your own meal at the table. The hot (temperature and spice) food makes you sweat, which cools you down. So in honor of our own hot weather, here’s a simple, spicy, vegetarian meal to make you sweat:


spicy beancurd

stirfried chili peppers

marinated asparagus

cucumber salad

basic steamed rice


  1. Start soaking the rice.
  2. Cube the tofu and set it to soak in salt water.
  3. Slice and salt the cucumber.
  4. Blanch & shock the asparagus.
  5. Start cooking the rice.
  6. Complete the remaining prep work.
  7. Finish the remaining prep work – cut pepper, combine sauces.
  8. Stirfry the chilies.
  9. Cook the tofu.

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