Menu: A Chinese Barbecue

Ready to get away from burgers and hot dogs? Tired of barbecued chicken and grilled vegetables? For your next cookout, try a Chinese flair. This menu works with the summer vegetables from the peak of the summer garden or farmers’ market: cucumbers, radishes, bell peppers, eggplants, and cilantro. Best of all, you marinate the protein the night before and you can do the prep for the side dishes ahead of time, then finish just before serving, leaving just the grilling to be done.



  1. The day before, prepare the barbecue sauce and marinate your protein overnight – tofu should not be marinated more than 1 h, however, or it will disintegrate.
  2. The day of the barbecue, prepare all the vegetables for the side dishes:salt the cucumbers, steam the eggplant, roast, peel, and cut the peppers, wash, dry, and cut the cilantro, prepare and salt the radishes; combine all the dressings, label them and set them aside.
  3. 10-30 m before serving, combine the side dish ingredients with their respective dressings, and set out on the buffet.
  4. Grill your protein, serve it up, and you’re ready to feast.

2 Responses

  1. Great use of fresh garden veggies! I especially like the cilantro salad. I never would of thought to use cilantro in chinese cusine.

  2. Thanks, Al – cilantro is actually used quite often and has the great name “fragrant vegetable” (xiangcai) in Mandarin. I was really excited to find it used as the main vegetable in a dish rather than as garnish!

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