Menu: Late Summer Supper

If you’re planning a Labor Day barbecue, check out the menu for A Chinese Barbecue, but if you’re now in recovery mode, here’s a quick supper that uses some of the bounty of the farmer’s market as we shift from high to late summer crops: bok choy, squash, tomatoes, and eggplants. The heavier and saltier sauce on the eggplants is balanced out by the other dishes’ lightness in these areas.



  1. Soak the rice ahead of time, then start it cooking before you begin the preparations.
  2. Cut up the squash and start it braising.
  3. Steam the eggplant.
  4. Slice the fish and marinate it.
  5. Complete the remaining prep work: slicing, chopping, mixing sauces.
  6. Check on the squash.
  7. Finish the eggplant dish.
  8. Finish the fish dish.
  9. Stirfry the bok choy.

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