Chef’s Vacation…

I’ll be taking a break from cooking the next few days – in my “real job” I help to organize events, and we’re in the midst of 2 conferences over 4 days – so my sous chef/husband will be taking over the kitchen in my absence. I’ll be back with more recipes in a few days but want to add a few quick posts in the meantime.

At Tuesday’s farmers’ market I was fortunate to make the acquaintance of Peggy Curry, who is a nutrition and conscious cooking educator and works with Growing Great, whose mission reads as follows: “GrowingGreat is a non-profit garden and nutrition education organization dedicated to inspiring children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits through classroom nutrition lessons, school gardens and community events.”

I urge you to visit their site (get involved as a volunteer if you live in the South Bay area of Los Angeles!) and particularly check out the “Scary Statistics” on their About page. In this time of federal and state budget cuts to our public school system, we as the village cannot afford to stand by as nutrition education disappears entirely from the classroom.

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