Gaia Girls Unite!

I just finished reading Lee WellesThe Way of Water, which is the second book in her series The Gaia Girls (book one is called Enter the Earth). The series is written for the 9-12-year-old girl crowd (boys will appreciate the action-packed pages as well), but having bought the first two books for my daughter, I figured I ought to at least read it to know what I’m feeding her mind. So there’s your connection to why I’m blogging on this, rather than producing another recipe today – feeding a mind is like feeding a body: garbage in, garbage out is a scenario I want to avoid with my kids! And interestingly enough, both books touch on the question of what constitutes wholesome food.

WOW!!! The books are well-written, a mix of fantasy and reality, and with a beautiful message: You as a child have the power – the power to listen and to hear the earth, to understand the pain she’s in, how the suffering came about, and to be part of the solution. (Warning: spoilers ahead – skip to next paragraph if you don’t want to know!) In Enter the Earth, Lizzy saves her upstate New York community from selling out to a CAFO. In The Way of Water, Miho protects the whales and dolphins from being rounded up and slaughtered in the annual oikomi hunt.

I read these books on the bus during my commute to work, and I have to say it was hard not to laugh and weep out loud as I followed their heroines on their journeys to discovering that power must be used wisely and for the greater good.

“Fiction with a mission” can be a disaster, but Lee Welles not only pulls it off with style – without them even noticing, she teaches children about caring for the earth in our every action – conscious living, whether we’re working, playing, learning, or eating!

I can’t wait for book three, Air Apparent….

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