Early Fall Supper

Here’s a quick, homey supper, mostly featuring the items I’ve been finding at my local farmers’ market. I’m giving a vegetarian option (indicated by *) as well as one with meat.



  1. Soak the rice well in advance.
  2. Marinate the pork.
  3. Soak the broccoli and *mustard greens in several changes of water.
  4. Start the rice.
  5. Start the squash simmering.
  6. Prepare the remaining vegetables: wash and cut beans and cabbage, peel and cut broccoli.
  7. *Cube the beancurd.
  8. Combine all the sauce mixtures and set aside, finish the remaining preparations.
  9. Stirfry the cabbage – this dish can be served at room temperature, so it’s a good place to start.
  10. Check on the squash – the sauce will keep this one hot for a while if it’s already done.
  11. Braise the beans.
  12. Stirfry the pork & broccoli or *greens with beancurd.

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