Not for Parents Only!

I just got this link to a TED talk by Ann Cooper, the Director of Nutrition for the Berkeley Unified School District from Peggy Curry at Growing Great, and the video deeply impressed me. Don’t read the summary article – it doesn’t anywhere near do it justice, so I highly recommend you make the time (20 m) watch the entire video. It’s also available on YouTube,

as is this video of Ann promoting her book Lunch Lessons.

If any progress is going to be made in improving our school lunch programs and our citizens’ health around the nation, I agree – we need to start looking at this as not only as a nutrition issue, not only an education issue, but also and perhaps above all as a social justice issue.

What can be done on an individual level? We can get involved in politics, we can donate money, we can volunteer our time, but first and foremost, we can bring real food back into our homes by learning how to buy it and prepare it and by teaching our children about it.

I read the message boards at SparkPeople (a fantastic, award-winning health and nutrition website that I think is in most ways excellent) and I often wonder at the recipes that people post as “healthy”: they are full of processed, packaged foods like Cool Whip, cake and pudding mixes and canned soups. It’s time to take back the kitchen from the agribusinesses who taught us that these are foods and reintroduce food that looks like it did when it was grown and harvested, and I hope in some small way my blog can contribute to this effort….

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