Michael Pollan for Foodie in Chief

It’s been a busy month for Michael Pollan:

An open letter in the New York Times to the president-elect.

An interview on Fresh Air titled “Food as a National Security Issue.”

A talk on Zeitgest ’08: The Google Partner Forum on “Serious Sustainability” – here from YouTube:

I was just thinking that there needs to be someone in the new administration to deal with our growing national food crisis, when the same answer seems to be springing up everywhere: Michael Pollan for Foodie in Chief! After all, someone is going to need to be overseeing the new White House chef and the new farmer in chief as they go about tearing up the South Lawn for their kitchen garden….

Seriously, though, this man is amazing. He is extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and passionate – I know that in our over-scheduled world, it’s hard to carve out time to read the paper or watch a 24-minute video, much less listen to a 40-minute interview, but they’re all supremely worth the time invested if you care about where our food supply is headed.

One Response

  1. I agree. I love him, and need to re-read Omnivore’s Dilemma.

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