Menu: Election Day ’08

Okay, if you haven’t voted, STOP reading this and GO VOTE! If you have voted, you may continue.

This year’s (okay, these past 2 years’!) election has obsessed me like no other past election has – I think there’s something about seeing our children growing and becoming more aware about their surroundings that causes parents to care more and more about the future of the country and the world we brought them into.

I’m an avid Obama supporter, and part of the reason is completely personal and unpolitical – not a great way to pick a candidate you might scoff, but still, as a mother I’ve learned that there are times when you have to trust your instinct over and above the advice of professionals, whether they are your children’s teacher or their pediatrician.

When we lived in Chicago, I would see Barack Obama at Bixler playlot with his girls on the weekends: although he was already deep in politics, he was NOT there to gladhand, he was NOT engrossed in a cell phone conversation as so many other parents were – he was clearly there to be with his family, and those 2 girls had his undivided attention. This was the first picture that flashed into my mind when I first heard rumors that he might run – a devoted father, home for all the time he could be, pushing his giggling girls on the swings. Yes, I thought, this is the kind of person I want steering the country as my children grow to the age when they are aware of there neighborhood, their city, their country, and their world.

Like Obama, my children are biracial (how is it that the media constantly harps on Obama’s black-ness, not his biracial-ness?) – I want them to see that biracial (triracial? quadriracial?)  is the future of this country, and it is a splendid metaphor for taking the best of two (or three or four or more) ways of life and forging a new world in which these disparate nationalities and cultures and customs can not only coexist but thrive.

We don’t have a television other than for watching dvds, and although I wish today of all days we did get some reception, there’s a part of me that is grateful that we don’t; otherwise, I might spend all day glued to it, watching the returns! I’m sure I will have NPR on all day, but at least that way I can still get some work done – but I’ll have to find something mindless to do, like clean out my file cabinets.

Regardless of how your vote is cast, if this sounds like where your day is headed, I offer you a superquick election night supper, one which will have you back in front of the tv in no time (maybe it’s a good night for a homemade dinner in front of the tv?). In fact, if you haven’t voted, this menu will let you get to the polls and still make a homemade meal tonight!



  1. Bring the noodle water to a boil.
  2. Prepare the noodle sauce, set aside.
  3. Prepare the beans and soup vegetables.
  4. Cook the noodles, rinse, drain, and combine with sauce.
  5. Bring the soup broth to a boil. (Or, for a little more body to your soup, you can use the pasta water for your soup base – already boiling, so just pour off enough for the soup before draining the pasta!)
  6. Cook the beans, taking time between stirring to add the vegetables to the soup.

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