Election’s over…

…but your next chance to vote may be sooner (and more often) than you think! Check out this excellent article on how to “Vote with Your Fork” on SparkPeople. Liza Barnes and Nicole Nichols write:

The decisions we make every day—what to eat, where to shop, how to commute—may seem small, but they send a clear message about what is important to us. If you think that change only comes from the top, and voting only happens at the polls, think again. Every time you buy food, clothing, fuel, or entertainment, you are, in essence, voting for the company that produced, packaged, and marketed it. Every time we spend money, the recipient of our dollars gets the message that we approve of their product and we want more of it. But the inverse is also true.

There follow 11 simple suggestions among which each and every one of us can certainly find at least some some ways to “vote with our forks” three times a day, whether it’s taking our own bags to the store, taking our own containers to restaurants for takeout and leftovers, shopping at the local farmers’ market, or cooking and eating at home more often.

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