Menu: Chinese Thanksgiving

It’s been a while since I posted a menu, and of course with Thanksgiving on everyone’s mind, where else would I go with this thought? So for anyone who is interested in veering far from the traditional turkey day path and still sticking with the usual ingredients….

the recipes:

the strategy:

  1. One day ahead: prepare black pepper edamame, daikon & carrot salad, lotus leaf buns, and almond jello.
  2. Day of: return edamame and daikon & carrot salad to room temperature.
  3. Start the chicken steaming or braising.
  4. Cut the beans and potatoes and prepare the remaining ingredients for those dishes.
  5. Cut the squash and start it braising.
  6. 20 m before the chicken is done, steam the buns, stirfry the potatoes, then cook the beans.
  7. After dinner, cut up and serve the “jello.”

No matter how you’re celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving! Look for recipes for leftover turkey some time over the weekend….

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