New Year’s Resolutions

I guess I’ve (almost) completely converted to the idea that eating at home is infinitely preferable to going out – it’s more economical, I know exactly what’s in the food, and  it just plain tastes better than most restaurant food! It’s not that we don’t go out – we probably eat out once a week, but it’s usually somewhere kid friendly where they can eat off the regular menu – yes, restaurants, take note: not all children like chicken fingers, french fries, and boxed mac & cheese ALL the time! – and I can order something that hasn’t been tortured in life and to death in a CAFO: this pretty much limits our choice of restaurants. Once in a great while, we’ll splurge on an expensive restaurant and leave the kids out of the plan. So I was partly tickled and partly offended by today’s New York Times article “Resolution: Dine Well Without Breaking the Budget” – basically a list of cheap eats, few of which sound even mildly appealing.

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions – they usually last about a week (although at one point I did manage to give up chocolate for a couple years – WHAT was I thinking?!?) – but here is one I think I will be able to keep and I urge you to consider: eat mostly home-cooked meals made from whole, close-to-the-source foods that are grown sustainably whenever possible. Cooking and eating this way does a favor to your taste buds, your health, your pocketbook, your family life and the environment – all excellent reasons to take back the kitchen!

Happy New Year 2009! Back with more recipes soon….

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