In praise of the cherimoya

This post is neither here nor there, perhaps having nothing to do with Chinese food, but I just had to write about a new fruit the kids and I have discovered – cherimoyas!

After receiving a free sample, we have been buying delicious ones at the farmers’ market from Thys’ Ranch, one of my favorite vendors there. You can read all about this exotic fruit at, and if you live in or near Southern California, I do encourage you to try one if you haven’t – season runs January to June.

Unfortunately, my daughter tried an underripe one and hasn’t tried again: “tastes like chlorine”, so be warned. But my son and I go through at least 3 a week – his assessment is that it tastes sort of like a really sweet pineapple mixed with coconut , sounds like an edible pina colada to me!

So if we’re talking about buying local ingredients, why not serve it as the end of the meal fruit course – the flavors and texture are a perfect end to a homemade Chinese meal.

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