I’m inspired…

I’ve been thinking a lot about how moving from SoCal to Michigan is going to change our cooking and eating habits, and all I can think is, the change is going to be HUGE. In Torrance, I shop once a week at the farmers’ market, which takes place right next door and is full of amazing produce all year round. I even get my chicken, beef, bison, fish, and eggs there, so my trips to Trader Joe’s take place every other week or so and are mostly for sandwich bread, milk, butter, and the occasional snack food.

As we organize our move for June, I’m trying to learn all I can about Ann Arbor’s options for CSAs, including those that deal in poultry and meat. (Now welcoming all recommendations!) And although Ann Arbor has a farmers’ market, I suspect it will be harder to get to, harder to find parking, and not quite as stocked year round, although I understand it is open all year.

So I’m looking at the freezer options and hoping to join the many Americans who are (re)turning to processing and preserving their own food. Lucky for me, the New York Times has a piece on canning today – “Preserving Time in a Bottle (or Jar)” – which includes some reading recommendations and other resources. More books to add to my list – it’s a good thing we have a long plane flight ahead of us, as well as lots of hanging out time between leaving one house and moving into another!

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