A list of links

A wide range of food news links this week – unrelated but interesting stuff!

20 ways to eat healthier right now: a lot like Michael Pollan’s tips in In Defense of Food, great tips for those who want to effect a lifestyle change, not just another diet. My favorite of the 20:

19. Watching Top Chef isn’t cooking.
We love food shows, too, but zoning out in front of the TV with a container of greasy moo shu pork is kind of missing the point. “Cooking has become a spectator sport,” Drewnowski says. “People watch and think, If only that chef could come cook for me!” No need to whip up a seven-course meal, but you can pick up tips about combining flavors and using fresh ingredients.

Will You Stand Up for Menu Labeling?: informative post on dailySpark blog, gives good background info on this ongoing battle.

Loving Fish, This Time with the Fish in Mind: more thoughts on eating sustainable seafood from NYT’s Mark Bittman.

Neighbor, Can You Spare a Plum?: a movement afoot in urban areas to make local fruit more readily available, some cool links to resources, some of which may be in your neighborhood.

Students compete for scholarships to culinary arts schools: good to see grantors stepping up to help out students who want to go to culinary school – I’m hoping that some of them go into the field with a social conscience, not just for the celebrity chef status.

Fighting to keep schools’ culinary arts program alive: related to the previous article, includes a link for those who want to donate to the cause.

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