On the road again…

Wish I could claim it’s a voluntary chef’s vacation, but this week begins our family’s relocation from CA to MI, almost 2 weeks of enforced eating out, something I dread heartily. Hoping to find some healthy surprises along the way…. I’ll be posting occasionally, but new recipes are unlikely until after July 4th weekend.

Thanks to all who have been visiting regularly, and welcome to those who are new to the blog! The first week of July will mark the 1 year anniversary of its creation, and I’m pleased to have exceeded my hoped for page views (12,000) by over 1,200, and we’re still more than a week out.

And finally, a few links to round out the post:

“New Facts about Fish” doesn’t delve too deeply into the topic but gives a quick summary in list form and does consider environmental impact as well as health issues – would be interesting to compare the list to that of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

“Nutrition: Parents’ Healthy Diet Has Little Influence”: An odd little blip with a useful link to a study in Social Science and Medicine. Not really sure how to pair that with the piece I linked to last week about how children are making healthier choices?

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