Settling in

We’re loving Michigan so far…except for the eagle-sized mosquitos!

I visited the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market two weeks ago and was thrilled to find a wide variety of vendors and some beautiful produce. After living next door to the Torrance Farmers’ Market, it was difficult to drive so far to one, so I was happy to discover the Westside Farmers’ Market, which is much closer to home. The vendors there are fewer, but the produce is excellent, and I found a CSA that is still offering a 10-week share (Two Creeks Organics) as well as McLaughlin Farm, Ltd., a vendor of pastured highland cattle.

We’ve explored the local Asian market and found it quite satisfactory, although I will certainly miss my Asian produce from the Torrance Farmers’ Market!

Finally (has is been a month already!) I feel like my pantry and fridge are full, and I can get back to cooking and blogging for real!

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