Friday List of Links

Out this weekend – can’t wait to see it: Julie & Julia, starring one of my favorites, Meryl Streep (Our Lady of Foreign Accents) as the indomitable Julia Child. Of course, I can’t get the picture of SNL’s bloody spoof out of my mind….

Nutrition Data posts on a report on carbohydrate intake and obesity. I appreciate ND’s Monica Reinagel touching on the limitations of the study, but I’m nevertheless happy to see that carbs may be on their way to rehabilitation. As long as we keep them complex and eat them in moderation, carbs are NOT the enemy!

(ETA Another Halleluia moment: NPR reports that in order to get the most nutrition from our veggies, they need to be eaten with a bit of fat – while we’re rehabilitating complex carbs in particular, let’s bring back some beneficial fats as well!)

From the Washington Post, news that Senator Patrick Leahy (yay, Vermont!) is once again working to ensure that the federal organic program is realigned and that organic label “mans what it says.” Let’s hope others in Congress feel the same.

And finally from Bloomberg, statistics on the drop in farmland values and related issues. The previous update contains a hard truth: “U.S. agricultural acreage is the smallest since the 1920s, according to the USDA. The United Nations says world food demand will double by 2050.” In a sense, it’s a good thing that the housing market went to pieces then – at least developers will not be buying up as much of the devalued land. But it may be too much to hope that more private farmers (or at least those not bound up in the large agribusiness crops of corn, soy, and wheat) will see a chance to expand their holdings and improve our food supply in a natural, organic way….

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