Food in the news

While we were all busy voting on Tuesday, chefs at Windsor Castle were making culinary history – at a feast for the Celebration of Faiths and the Environment, the presence of 9 different faiths made menu planning a bit difficult, so the castle kitchen went vegan for a day! I haven’t seen any reviews of the meal, but the planning process is described in the Telegraph.

Meanwhile, back on this side of the pond, a very helpful piece by CBS News on the importance of the place of preventive medicine and integrative care in the currently raging health care debate: Health Reform and Integrative Care. I know some folks who are pretty happy to have this in the mix – a quick shout-out to thank Maureen Halnon Wheeler at It’s All Connected for the link!

One Response

  1. So happy to see you spreading the word with this link! The national debate at the moment should really be called “sick care” rather than “health care”. Small, but powerful, daily changes to our diet and lifestyle will transform the health and well being of America – including our environmental and economic well being – It’s All Connected!

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