Food in the News and on the ‘Net

Happy to see the White House working on some very important issues close to home and close to my heart:

Presidential Memorandum – Establishing a Task Force on Childhood Obesity

Let’s Move

Fun updates on the Obamas and food issues at Obamafoodarama.

And who knows – maybe Oprah can do the same for the “real food” movement that she did for Obama’s campaign? Glad to see her take up this issue before she retires: Food 101 with Michael Pollan Here’s a clip from the show on Civil Eats (video closest to the bottom). Be sure to listen to the end for the “radio silence” comment from Oprah on the subject of beef!

Some fun and education movies can be found at The Meatrix.

And finally, another site to help you support your local food economy: Local Dirt

One Response

  1. i agree that it’s really nice to see the white house get behind an issue that is so important and at the root of all that is wrong with our health care system.

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