Garden update: sprouts & compost

The seeds planted a few weeks ago are happily sprouting under the light frames in our basement – in addition to the 2 flats of lettuce due to return to Growing Hope, I’ve planted a mass of herbs – not only for using in cooking, but to line the edges of my garden to give some protection against deer – and lots of Asian vegetables: Chinese chives, bunching onions, eggplant, okra, cucumbers, edible amaranth, Japanese spinach, and – for Katia – lots of tomatoes. Now I just need to actually get my garden plots figured out – with our deer problem, this whole project might be a dismal failure, but I’ve gotten lots of advice on how to at least try to stump them without putting up a 9-foot fence (which I’m sure our HOA would NOT be happy about!) And then there are the bunnies, a very large specimen of which is staring at me through my office window as I type…

On earth day, the kids and I assembled a composter, and both ritually tossed in their apple cores – let the composting begin! We’re lucky to have a patch of woods at the back of our property, so the “browns” needed for mixing into the “greens” from the kitchen scraps should be readily available. I figure we will use uup most of the fallen leaves by the time the next ones are ready to fall, truly a beautiful balancing act.

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