New from Let’s Move

Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign is going strong with a new initiative to obliterate obesity within one generation. I was struck by 2 recent posts on the Let’s Move website, perhaps not for the right reasons:

The May 14th post about Alice Deal Middle School in DC does not really say much new – there are manu such programs and partnerships (this one with Whole Foods) that are entering public schools in an attempt to instruct about healthy eating. What it does bring home is that folks in the administration are finally paying attention to the fact that many parents have stopped being responsible for the proper nutrition of their children (or perhaps more to the point, the parents are all too responsible for their children’s poor nutritional status). Sad but true – it’s now the children who must take home what they learn and teach their parents.

Sam Kass’ post on Chefs Move to Schools  made me optimistic that perhaps more chefs (well-known and more obscure) would start to work for change in the child nutrition field rather than spending innumerable hours trying to be the next top chef and founder of the newest food fad. But then again, I’m not sure I want some of the star tv chefs teaching my children about healthy eating – one bacon doughnut egg burger comes to mind….

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