Garden update!

The seedlings I started a while ago have been traveling a lot recently – under the light frame in the basement, up into the garage, back downstairs, in and out of the garage, in and out of the sun and rain. I’ve finally decided that spring is here to stay in Michigan and have transplanted them into the raised beds by the house. Now the battle begins: critters vs. first-time gardener….

I’m not terribly optimistic – our first composter turned out to be too much of an attraction for the local wildlife, and after setting it up on a brick platform with mild success, we still decided to try out the turning barrel variety. That’s been successful so far, and we now have about 1/4 barrel of stuff that promises to eventually be of use in the garden. But I’m guessing all that dirt and composted manure I’ve hauled in the last week and the hours spent planting this morning will probably provide…a nice salad bar for our animal friends? Or maybe their taste doesn’t run toward Asian vegetables?

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