Food in the News and on the ‘Net

Seems like it’s all about politics these days – lots of people complaining that they’re seeing red and feeling blue – but what do the election results have to do with food? Check out Tom Philpott on What the midterms mean for federal ag-policy reform?

More news from Philpott about the burgeoning local/organic/sustainable food movement in China, the conclusion of which is a good reminder to any of us hoping to reform the food system, locally and globally:

We should remember that globalization works in multiple ways, not just the corporate-dominated one. Just as U.S. transnationals have forged ties with China’s bureaucrats to open factories there, U.S. organic farmers and food activists should reach out to our Chinese peers. In the task of creating food systems that make sense, we are all in this together.

A good summary of what’s in season (at least in California – we should all be so lucky!) can be found in the LA Times. Well, at least some of the same foods are in season even as far north as Michigan, what with more and more hoop houses going up!

Marion Nestle writes in The Atlantic about the dangers of ultra-processed foods.

And Greenopolis provides some tips on freezing foods to stretch your food dollar.

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