These are Turnips?

I have tried to like turnips for a very long time, but I just can’t seem to find a way to cook them that is pleasing. But just recently I realized it’s not the cooking method I should change – it’s the turnip! I’ve recently discovered Hakurei turnips (read more about them on Kitazawa Seed Company‘s site).

Turns out these turnips are great just scrubbed, sliced, and salted (thanks to Jennifer at Capella Farm for that advice!) or added to a green salad in place of radishes.

But the great discovery was that you can use them anywhere you can use daikon: try them in any of the recipes on this blog that use daikon – the spicy daikon and carrot salad is great with this substitution!

The greens can also be stirfried – try the recipe for stirfried greens – they have a nice radishy bite!

ETA: Rumor has it you can also use them as a substitute for water chestnuts – I’m always happy to find a locally-grown substitute for an ingredient that I would otherwise have to buy in a can!

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