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Sugar Blues Workshop rerun!

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Is FAT a four-letter word?

Join me and Jeri Shumate of Joyous Health and learn how and why to get beneficial fats into and harmful fats out of your diet!

Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 5:30pm
Salon M, 283 S. Zeeb Rd. in Ann Arbor
(in Scio Village Center, intersection of Zeeb & Jackson)

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Sugar Blues Workshop Re-run!

If you missed it the first time around…don’t miss it this time! Jeri & I are re-running the Sugar Blues Workshop on Saturday, September 22.

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Sugar Blues Workshop Flyer

Please join me in my new (ad)venture!

Beating the Sugar Blues

Round up the usual suspects….

Added fats and sugars are in the news again, and as usual, the message can be summed up very simply: cook and eat whole foods in moderation; avoid highly processed foods with lots of fats and sugars.

A few pieces worth checking out:

Civil Eats: Where Do Americans Get Their Calories? – a super-cool interactive graphic looks at our collective plate from the 70s to today.

The Civil Eats chart is dissected a bit on Grist: The American diet in one chart, with lots of fats and sugars.

And more on the role of sugar in our diets (looooong but very worth the read!): NYT Magazine’s Is Sugar Toxic?

Will the real free-range egg (yolk) please stand up?

I’m a firm believer in buying farm fresh local eggs (and other ingredients): true pastured eggs – from chickens who eat what what they can find while out scratching around in a pasture – come from happy hens, are likely to be better for us, for the environment, and for the local food economy, and they just plain taste better. For more details, see my post on eggs at Simply: Home Cooking.

For a quick, fun visual summary of some of the arguments for pastured eggs, visit Big Wheel Provision’s video, Egg Cage Match!