Stocking the Cabinet

So Rahm Emanuel is in for Chief of Staff. Arnold Schwarzenneger is rumored to be considered for Energy Secretary. Perhaps Colin Powell in Education. But the burning question is – who will be chosen White House Chef? 2 names seem to be flooding the blogosphere: Art Smith and Rick Bayless, both of Chicago. And Michael Pollan has suggested President-Elect Obama consider Alice Waters. Below are links to more about these chefs and also about their great work in the area of nutrition, public health, and support of farmers.

Rick Bayless

Art Smith 

Alice Waters

I would be thrilled with any of them – I was hoping to eat at Frontera or Topolobampo (Bayless’s places) before we left Chicago (didn’t happen) but I own one of his excellent cookbooks, Rick Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen. I had some passing contact with Art Smith when his fantastic organization, Common Threads, used space in the church where I worked in Chicago to start up their program, and I often use his cookbook Back to the Table. Alice Waters is a legend in her own time and a force of nature in the slow food movement in this country. Her Chez Panisse Vegetables is a treasure trove of recipes for items from the farmer’s market or garden.

So here’s a chance to vote (again) – you can go with the nominees, or nominate and vote for your own candidate!