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A page for reviews, recommendations, and such – both mine and yours! Please feel free to recommend your favorite Chinese restaurants and cookbooks (give us some reasons!) and gently pan those you dislike (constructive criticism only!)

I also invite you to submit your “questions for the chef” here unless they more logically belong under another section (ingredient questions under pantry, technique questions on their page, etc.)

books, articles, and other reading recommendations

20 ways to eat healthier right now

“A 50-Year Farm Bill”

“All the Health Risks of Processed Foods – In Just a Few, Quick, Convenient Bites”

“An Urban Farmer Is Rewarded for His Dream”

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

“Can we afford to eat ethically?”

“The Challenges of Eating ‘Slow'”

Fair Food: Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Food System for All

Fair Food

“Farmer in Chief”

Fast Food Nation


Fish Shares and Sharing Fish

“Food as a National Security Issue”

Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food

Four Fish

Home Economics


“How to live what Michael Pollan preaches.”

In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto

Instead of Eating to Diet, They’re Eating to Enjoy

“It’s Too Hot for Dog on the Menu”

Loving Fish, This Time with the Fish in Mind

Neighbor, Can You Spare a Plum?

The Omnivore’s Dilemma


The Omnivore’s Dilemma: The Secrets Behind What You Eat

Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally

Putting Meat on the Table: Industrial Farm Animal Production in America

Real Food: What to Eat and Why

Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education

“Tackling the ethics of eating”

“Uniting Around Food to Save an Ailing Town”

“Vote with Your Fork”

Will You Stand Up for Menu Labeling?

cookbook reviews

Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook: Recipes from Hunan Province

The Cultural Revolution Cookbook


Eat, Drink, Man, Woman

Food, Inc.

The Future of Food

The Future of Food

Our Daily Bread


The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World

The Wedding Banquet


Bacon – is it better for you than tilapia?!?

resources for green and healthy living

Local Harvest

Looking for a nearby farmers’ market? community supported agriculture? pick-your-own farms? This is the site to get you started. Support your local farmers and do your health a favor!

Growing Great

Nutrition education programs for families, schools, and communities in the South Bay area of Los Angeles

restaurant guides and reviews

The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World

Headed to the Olympics?

House of Vege, Lomita, CA


2008 MacArthur Fellow: Will Allen

Ann Cooper: Lunch Lessons

Ann Cooper: Reinventing the School Lunch

Birke Baehr: What’s Wrong with Our Food System? And How Can We Make a Difference?

Michael Pollan: In Defense of Food

Michael Pollan: Serious Sustainability

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  1. please include the recipe for that delicious noodle soup with tofu (?) we had at your home!! it was wonderful!

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